Literature Circle Role Cards

A literature circle is a small group instructional approach to support the development of comprehension, independence and enjoyment. To prompt student thinking, the following role cards may be used.

The implementation of Literature Circles is outlined in many of our reading workshops.

Role Cards for lower school

Role Cards for middle-upper school

Role Cards for upper school (years 7-9)

Hard Copy Sets

Literature Circle Role Cards are also available in printed, single sided, full colour, A4 matt finish. This resource is often provided as a gift to attendees at many of our workshops. Hard copy sets are currently out of stock. The set containts (Lower school: Actor, Artist, Book Worm, Connector, Favourite Finder, Leader, Predictor, Question Master, Story Teller, Word Whiz) and (Middle school: Director, Researcher, Quiz Master, Sketch Artist, Summariser, Questioner, Predictor, Investigator, Interviewer, Connector)