The Writing Process

... planning for and deepening understandings about teaching writing


In this 37 minute video presentation we discuss how students with an understanding of the writing process demonstrate greater self-reliance than their peers. They know:

  • what to do or how to think before writing
  • what to do or think to solve challenges during writing
  • how to read the text back through fresh eyes (the eyes of readers) after writing.

These writers understand what enhancements are, as well as why they are necessary and how to 'do' them. In short, these students know how to think like writers. They tend not to ask, "What do I do next?", or "What do I do if I'm finished?" They don't ask because they know.

Why is this so important? When we assess writing, students may undertake a timed, cold write, one with no adult support or pre-writing conversation. Alternatively, they may be assigned a project. This may be a longer text, but it may be completed independently. On these examples, students must know what to do before, during and after writing, and they must be self-reliant.

Writing is a process and whilst students will usually apply it as a simple linear sequence, it is important for them to understand the truer cyclical nature of the relationship between writer and writing.

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The Writing Process video presentation is suitable for Teachers of years 2-6.