Literacy Consultancy Services

Researched based strategy runs through the heart of everything we do at Literacy Solutions and we can get it running through your school too.

Literacy Solutions offers a range of services to meet the many literacy needs of the K-9 school community. We offer reading and writing workshops for teachers, teachers' aides and parents, and consult directly with schools.

Many changes to literacy teaching have occurred over the past decades. Changes in theoretical approach, curriculum design, instructional approaches and more specific components of literacy teaching have resulted in the models and practices currently in place.

Literacy Solutions can assist schools making transitions and enhance classroom and whole school practice to support the evolving needs of teachers and students in current times.

We have extensive experience supporting hard to teach students, and can advise of strategic approaches and teaching solutions.

Onsite workshops and consultancy services:

  • Student Free Day workshops*
  • After school workshops*
  • Modeled teaching/demonstrated lessons
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Cluster or district support

*Schools may book any of our standard workshops or request tailored on-site workshops to meet the particular needs of staff and students. Additionally an extensive range of literacy workshops is available.