Reading & Writing Online Courses for Educators

Our experienced consultants have developed a series of online courses for educators to take your teaching of literacy to a new level. Our comprehensive introductory courses cater for teachers aiming to enhance their skills and improve the learning outcomes for their students.

Especially suited for teachers with limited access to professional development opportunities, these courses have a strong practical emphasis and will improve your knowledge and confidence.

Regardless of your location or access to quality professional development, our courses will provide you with the highest quality literacy PD.

Clip from Guided Reading online

Guided Reading

with Angela Ehmer

Effectively implement Guided Reading in your classroom. This step-by-step course will make it easy. Cost $19.95.   Read more…

Clip from Shared Reading online

Shared Reading

with Angela Ehmer

Learn how to implement a Shared Reading Program in your classroom. Cost $19.95.   Read more…

Clip from Reading Stamina online

Reading Stamina

with Angela Ehmer

Master the teaching of reading stamina and watch your students' enjoyment of reading take off.   Cost $19.95.  Read more…

Clip from Reading Stamina online

Literature Circles

with Angela Ehmer

Examine in detail the intricacies of developing effective high yield Literature Circles in your classroom.   Cost $19.95.  Read more…

Other courses planned for future release

  • A balanced reading program
  • Comprehension
  • Guided reading (advanced)
  • Reciprocal Teaching