Compare / Contrast Lesson Guides

Four lesson guides for teaching comparing and contrasting skills.

Compare / Contrast lesson guide
Sharks and Whales - new compare / contrast resource

These stimulus picture prompts are designed to support and develop this critical comprehension skill for students at all year levels.

Signal words are embedded into each learning experience. These help students to:

  • state the relationships between ideas
  • embed the ideas in compound, complex or compound-complex sentences.

This resource can be:

  • viewed on-screen
  • projected to an interactive board or screen
  • printed out for use in small groups


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Lower school (ages 5-8)

Upper school (ages 8-12)

Comparing & Contrasting Overview

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The full set of this resource contains 24 lessons guides (12 lower school and 12 upper school).  Access the other 20 lesson guides as a member of the Literacy Teachers' Academy.

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  • Snakes and Worms
  • Sundae's and Pancakes
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