Primary Writing

... planning for and deepening understandings about teaching writing


Articulating ideas clearly and coherently, both verbally and in writing is essential in school and beyond. In this 4.5 hour video presentation, participants will examine the writing process, pedagogies and teaching content, including the importance of oral language across the primary years. Attendees will specifically explore:

  • stages of the writing process and the importance of developing self-reliance
  • pedagogical approaches and how these relate to teaching writing and ensuring a balanced writing program
    • modelled
    • shared/joint construction
    • interactive
    • guided
  • crafting vs mechanical skills and strategies
    • developing strategies for crafting texts (authorial knowledge)
    • developing recording skills (secretarial knowledge)
    • developing editing skills (knowing how to improve a draft)
    • examples of deep and surface level skills and strategies which target audience, ideas, text structure, paragraphing, cohesion, sentence structure and grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • importance of writing stamina
  • timetabling writing instruction
  • conferencing

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The Primary Writing video presentation is suitable for Teachers of years 2-6.