The Six Traits of Writing

With experienced literacy consultant and author, Angela Ehmer


The Six Traits +1 outlines a set of characteristics commonly featured in pieces of high quality writing. Knowing and recognising the traits supports teachers to analyse student drafts to plan meaningful and relevant lessons. The traits assist educators to identify the skills and content students must acquire to develop proficiency as writers.

The Six Traits has been the subject of great interest by educators since its development and this continues today. Many current criteria sheets, rubrics and assessment proformas for writing are based around the traits, most using similar formats or modifications or innovations of the original framework.

In this 4.5 hour (14 part) video presentation for primary teachers, the Six Traits are explored and examined in relation to teaching goals, lesson examples and student work samples. The features of the +1, or presentation, are also discussed.

Content addressed in this presentation includes:

  • the traits: ideas, organisation, voice, word choice, fluency, conventions, presentation
  • how the traits relate to the writing process
  • lesson ideas for teaching the traits
  • recognising the traits in students' writing
  • how to plan lessons using data from students' drafts
  • using rubrics for summative assessment and how content from rubrics aligns to the NAPLAN marking guide
  • the importance of student reflection and self-monitoring
  • an overview of the approaches for teaching writing.

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The Six Traits of Writing is suitable for Teachers of years 2-6.