Teachers' Aides Writing

Helping Teachers' Aides develop the understanding to effectively support the teaching of writing.


This two-hour writing video presentation provides practical tips and strategies for Teachers’ Aides working with primary school writers.

This workshop specifically caters to the diverse role of Teachers’ Aides and will assist Teachers’ Aides to deliver quality support to classroom teachers and students on intervention programs.

Participants will gain understandings about supporting students on intervention programs and working with writing groups in classrooms. Topics covered will include:

  • The Writing Process
  • Shared Writing (jointly constructing texts to provide higher levels of support)
  • Interactive Writing (navigating writing tasks with struggling writers)
  • Guided Writing (supporting groups of students to construct and record their own texts)
  • How to identify the challenges in writing tasks
  • Assisting reluctant writers
  • Supporting students before and during writing

This workshop was presented to a live audience.

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The Teachers' Aides Writing video presentation is suitable for Teachers' Aides and optionally, Teachers or Administrators supporting Teachers' Aides.