Coaching and Mentoring Literacy in School

Our literacy experts will tailor our in-school consulting services to address the specific needs and goals of your school.

Literacy Solutions provides onsite support to school communities by building a common understanding of approaches to teaching literacy across the primary and middle years, and assisting educators to extend their knowledge and expertise to produce the best possible outcomes for students.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work with our teachers. You have challenged, inspired and encouraged us, and we so appreciate your energy and enthusiasm."

Tom (Principal), Wendy (Dep. Principal) and Wendy (HOC) and all the staff, Springfield Lakes State School

The coaching/mentoring model is a popular support option for schools supporting educators to transfer current theory and professional development training to the classroom setting. This model of support aims to support educators to make shifts in pedagogy and action professional learning. During these sessions, schools may also include classroom helpers to build a consistent approach to understanding and facilitating appropriate instruction for students.

As part of the coaching/mentoring model, consultants provide levels of support requested by schools or educational groups and offer flexible, ongoing assistance. Popular session topics include:

  • Pedagogical support
  • Teaching procedures
  • Data analysis
  • Using classroom data to inform instruction
  • Strategies for decoding & comprehending texts
  • Content literacy (how to explicitly teach literacy across other subject areas)
  • Organizing resources, classroom management & timetabling support
  • Text selection to match students and teaching points
  • Reciprocal teaching, cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Building oral language in the early years
  • Strategies for hard to teach students

"Today I learnt more about what to put in my literacy blocks than at University over four years. Thank you Lee."

Amy Buttigieg, Gilston State School

"Angela, our staff were in awe of your knowledge and enthusiasm about writing and spelling and were hoping that you would come and share the reading component of your program."

Kath Byrne, Assistant Principal Curriculum, Sacred Heart Yeppoon

Coaching coupled with modelled teaching is our most popular consultancy service to schools.

For queries about coaching and mentoring at your school, please contact us.