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Prep to Year 3 Reading 'The Big Six'

. . . the six evidence-based skills and strategies readers need


Learning to read and read well is the most important educational outcome. Decades of research highlights the importance of reading success in the early years and the correlation between this and ongoing academic achievement. Early readers must learn, develop control of and ultimately master six elements shown to be crucial to reading acqusition. These six elememts, each of which is important to apply in isolation, must be combined carefully and executed skilfully with others to read effectively and easily. These elements have been identified across numerous, widespread studies over recent years and are commonly referred to as 'The Big Six'.

What are 'The Big Six'?
Why do they matter?
How do I teach them?

In this 5 hour (12 part) video presentation for teachers and teachers’ aides, participants will explore ‘The Big Six’ and how these apply to early and intermediate readers. It is well documented that reading abilities are enhanced and reading success improved when explicit instruction around ‘The Big Six’ is provided and when skills within and across ‘The Big Six’ are developed, refined, applied and mastered.

This presentation will explore and analyse 'The Big Six':

  • Oral language
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

Each area will be examined, and strategies for teaching discussed.

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Prep to Year 3 Reading: 'The Big Six' is suitable for Teachers of Prep to Year 3 and Prep to Year 6 Intervention Teachers and Teachers’ Aides.