Guided Writing

Video presentation with experienced literacy consultant and author, Angela Ehmer


This 66 minute video presentation explores the approaches for teaching writing and how these relate to a balanced literacy program. An overview of the pedagogical approaches, including the roles and responsibilities of teachers and students will be outlined.

Participants will explore:

  • Modelled Writing
  • Joint Construction Writing
  • Interactive Writing
  • Guided Writing

The specific role of Guided Writing to differentiate writing instruction and teach relevant content will be examined in detail, as will the frequency and duration of Guided Writing lessons.

The presenter will discuss options for planning and organising Guided Writing groups which focus on both authorial skills and conventions, grouping students and integrating writing from other subject areas. Skills-based lessons and process-based lessons will also be explored.

Examples of formative data will be shown, and lesson examples will be discussed.

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This presentation is suitable for Teachers in years P to 6.