With experienced literacy consultant and author, Angela Ehmer


Teachers with high levels of expertise know three things which when integrated, increase the yield of their lessons and advantage their students.

They know precisely what to teach and to whom.

However, they also know these are not the only two considerations when planning. It is also imperative to an informed judgment about the instructional teaching approach. How should I teach this? The strategic decision about the 'how' is based around the varying needs and knowledge of students within the cohort and the degree of difficulty of the skill to be targeted.

Once these teachers identify the pedagogical or teaching approach, they plan for and carefully manage the roles and responsibilities of both the expert and learners. They know how instruction should look, feel, and sound when different pedagogies are actioned. This 88 minute professional learning video walks through the following pedagogical approaches as these relate to the gradual responsibility model:

  • Modelled Writing
  • Shared Writing (Jointly constructed)
  • Interactive Writing
  • Guided Writing

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The Pedagogy video presentation is suitable for Teachers of years 2-6.