The Science of Reading

Text processing and comprehension


There are three main theoretical models underpinning reading instruction. Brown (1998) describes these as top-down, bottom-up and interactive. However, researchers also highlight the critical role of metacognition in building high performing, strategic readers. These models provide teachers with choices about how they plan, sequence, and implement quality reading instruction for small and large groups.

The science of reading is body of research from multiple disciplines about reading and related issues. It includes cross-disciplinary research within the fields of education, special education, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, nor is it a prescribed reading or phonic program. It relies on the collection and analysis of data to plan relevant learning episodes, an understanding of how reading is processed and the practices which support skills-based learning, and which also develop metacognitive strategies.

This professional learning opportunity examines the different approaches as these relate to the science of reading. With the introduction of synthetic phonics programs occurring alongside traditional phonics and reading process models, understanding what the models are, what the research suggests, and how these relate to different students is imperative if teachers are to make good teaching judgments. This 90-minute professional learning session explores the various theories, findings, and opinions as these relate to the teaching of reading. The workshop aims to dispel myths and generalisations, instead focusing on what the research suggests are the benefits and to whom these benefits apply. Making informed judgments about teaching content, the sequence of instruction, optimal delivery mode and frequency of instruction will help teachers provide quality learning based on the specific needs of learners.

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This workshop is suitable for Teachers of Prep to Year 6.

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