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The Kids’ Book Club

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 at 9:29 am

The Kids' Book Club

As a Rotarian, I have become aware of a wonderful initiative that is making it possible for disadvantaged children to be exposed to good quality literature. It is called ‘The Kids’ Book Club’. This initiative is responsible for children under eight years old receiving a good quality picture book each month.

We all know how important it is for children to be exposed to good quality literature before they start school. We would all like to think that most children are read to on a daily basis before they start Prep – but this is not always the case. These children miss out on the basic skills of how to hold a book, concepts about print and most importantly, a love of reading. Sadly, most will not catch up.

Another child’s future . . .

For $25 a month, anyone can join The Kids’ Book Club and build a child’s library. Each month you’ll receive an exciting new book selected by early-learning specialists to best suit the age and stage of development for your child, and foster a love of reading.

Lee Denton at the launch of The Kids' Book Club
Lee Denton at the launch of The Kids’ Book Club.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that each time a book arrives through the post to your child, a disadvantaged child will receive the same book.

This program, an initiative of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, has been supported by Rotary, government grants and private sponsors.

My Rotary club recently launched ‘Imagination Library’ at Kaleidoscope Kindy, Goodna.

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5 comments on: “The Kids’ Book Club”

  1. This program is not likely to reach children who need it most because their parents cannot afford the exhorbitant monthly fee. If they had $25 a month to spend on literature, they would be able to purchase several books on their own. Am I missing something?

  2. Dear lee,
    It was amazing to read about this initiative . I’m a Rotarian spouse in Kathmandu Nepal n I run a school with 12 kids .
    I’m very keen to know if we could join this program and if kids of our sister schools could receive the book for disadvantaged children ?
    Our school shuvatara is 26 years old and we help ease standards of government n community schools by providing them a monthly financial stipend raised from our parents .
    But good books are hard to come by here n very expensive. If we could run this program for our sister schools at least 800 underprivileged kids could get into the joy of books campaign , n it would also help raise retention in primary schools , which is very poor in government schools where even textbooks are hard to get .
    I’m seriously interested to be part of this program n could help teach reading as I’m an English teacher as well.
    Please reply soon!
    Rani gurung kakshapati
    Founder director
    Shuvatara school (private school)
    Nepal 4384.
    Tel 00 977 1 5525960, 5522803
    Mobile 00977 9851058682

  3. P.s. sorry the number of kids in our school is 1200 , primary through high school , not 12, as inadvertently printed in my previous mail .
    Rani g.k.

  4. This initiative is inspirational indeed. We all know that kids need to be read to multiple times a day prior to commencing school.
    Carbrook State School is going to publicise this in the school newsletter and to our pre-prep external providers to encourage our school and extended educational community to join up. Well done Literacy Solutions

  5. Thanks Kim from Carbrook SS for placing our initiative in your newsletter!

    I have been in touch with Goodna Kindy and the program is really taking off! Many children’s parents have now enrolled in the program and I will be presenting to their staff this week (in the evening) to further their literacy skills.

    It is wonderful to be part of such a worthwhile project and have the participants so enthusiastic!

    We can really make a difference.