The Comprehension Toolkit (Ages 5-8) Preview

Thursday, 12 March 2020 at 7:25 pm

The Comprehension Toolkit (Ages 5-8) cover
‘The Comprehension Toolkit (Ages 5-8)’.
82 reading lessons for busy teachers.

I’m very excited share some details about our upcoming book, The Comprehension Toolkit (Ages 5-8). The book is currently with our printer, but should be available in just a few weeks.

The Comprehension Toolkit (Ages 5-8) is a 240 page teacher workbook containing 82 lessons for busy teachers. The book is designed to assist teachers to deliver high quality comprehension lessons.

This practical, research-based book aims to give teachers the confidence to teach students how to apply strategies to texts and generalise them for daily life. Containing background information about comprehension, strategy and pedagogy overviews, the importance of data and considerations for teaching, the book also provides 82 explicit lessons for early years’ students.

To facilitate each lesson, simply select a text suitable for your students or use a text model where provided. Then select your pedagogical approach. All lessons are suitable for modelled, shared or guided reading.

The Comprehension Toolkit (ages 5-8) Lesson 21
The Comprehension Toolkit (ages 5-8) – Lesson 21

Lessons targeting nonfiction features are included, as is a focus on oral language and grammar as these relate to the text structures cause/effect, compare/contrast, chronological sequence, list or description and problem/solution.

To support teachers, each lesson is accompanied by a digital file repository containing anchor charts outlining:

  • learning intention
  • success criteria
  • strategy/skill
  • learning reflection

Additional resources include:

  • text models
  • graphic organisers
  • black-line masters

Digital File Repository

The Digital File Repository supporting the lessons in this book features more than 320 anchor charts and more than 260 text models.

The Comprehension Toolkit (ages 5-8) lesson 2, Digital File Repository
The Comprehension Toolkit (ages 5-8), Lesson 2, Digital File Repository.

Samples from The Comprehension Toolkit include:

Available for free!

One copy of The Comprehension Toolkit (Ages 5-8) is provided free to each attendee of the Prep to Year 3 Reading Workshop: ‘The Big Six’.

Order this resource

The Comprehension Toolkit (Ages 5-8) will be available for purchase on this website in late March 2020. RRP $59.95

This has been a long, but exciting project to work on and I really hope you enjoy using the Comprehension Toolkit in your classroom.


by Angela Ehmer

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