Write it Right (Spelling Workshop)

Why do students make errors on spelling, and why do some students struggle to spell the most basic words?

Spelling strategies from pre-phonetics to word origins and histories

The Write it Right spelling workshop is a 90 minute presentation, focused on exploring the reasons that spellers make mistakes, and then addressing a range of strategies to support the successful encoding of words.

We accept that learning to read is all about unlocking strategies to decode the text and comprehend it. The most successful reading instruction is built around the understanding that analyzing a reader’s miscues, and using these data to guide instruction helps to optimize learning opportunities. So how do we apply the same principles to the teaching of spelling?

The Write it Right spelling workshop addresses a range of common spelling errors and helps teachers to define spelling behaviours that require relearning/extension or enhancement. A collection of strategies to develop phonemic awareness, explore spelling patterns, master sight words, build words, remember unconventional patterns, apply knowledge of base words and affixers, and use strategies to remember words will be explored.

You will receive:

  • workshop notes
  • a Literacy Solutions' classroom resource
  • afternoon tea on arrival


$85 + GST (Limited spaces are available so please register early.)
RSVP: Five (5) working days prior to workshop

Should you attend?

This workshop is suitable for Teachers in years P to 6.