P-6 Reading Workshop

"Choice isn't just about picking a book. Choice is about allowing reluctant readers to retain ownership of, and to take responsibility for, the processes in which they are engaged and the topics they care about. Putting choice into their hands allows reluctant readers to feel the power and control over reading that all good readers feel." - Ron Jobe and Mary Dayton-Sakari

As a result of attending this one day workshop, teachers and teachers’ aides will develop a good understanding of:

  • The Reading Process
  • Read Aloud, Shared & Guided Reading/Reciprocal Teaching
  • Literature Circles

This full day reading workshop for classroom teachers and teachers’ aides explores the teaching of reading across the primary school. Participants will examine the important roles of decoding or solving the text, as well as comprehending or understanding texts.

The instructional approaches to teaching reading will be outlined, and the important role of each approach across the primary school will be highlighted.

Teaching for strategies often occurs during read aloud and shared reading. Specific teaching strategies using both types of texts will be demonstrated and discussed. Participants will view and discuss a variety of material to determine a range of teaching opportunities that can be drawn from texts.

Guided reading and guided reading/reciprocal teaching provides students with opportunities to independently solve texts at the instructional level. The conversations fostered during these sessions should encourage readers to search for deeper meanings on narrative texts, enhance comprehension of nonfiction texts, and extend understandings beyond texts.

Group strategies which involve students in cooperative or collaborative learning are highly motivational teaching techniques. A literature circle is a group strategy that supplements the classroom reading program. This reading model promotes enhanced comprehension of texts and extension opportunities for all readers. Readers will deepen their understanding of texts, engage in rich conversations around texts and develop an acceptance of the views and opinions of others. This is an excellent tool for improving comprehension, building leadership and independence, and is highly engaging for students of all ages. Role cards support students working in literature circles.

You will receive:

  • workshop notes
  • a Literacy Solutions' classroom resource
  • tea/coffee on arrival, morning tea and lunch


$275 + GST
RSVP: Five (5) working days prior to workshop

Should you attend?

This full day reading workshop is tailored for P-6 classroom teachers and teachers' aides.