P-3 Writing Workshop

This workshop addresses the elements of the writing process, and the important role of the educator to facilitate and guide instruction for students, as they engage in writing tasks. An overview of the classroom writing hour, including the important role of guided writing and flexible grouping, will be provided. Participants will explore the three modes of writing: expressive, transactional and poetic, during this workshop.

This workshop also addresses the stages of the writing process (writing, editing and publishing), and outlines strategies to build students’ confidence and willingness to take risks when writing. Ideas to develop editing and proof reading skills are outlined, and participants will leave with a collection of skills and strategies to support students to become better writers. The writing conference will be discussed and ideas for conferencing with students at various stages of the writing process will be examined.

Turning in great pieces of writing is dependent on students being able to apply a range of skills, including:

  • getting started
  • maintaining the focus
  • keeping the flow
  • choosing interesting words
  • adding detail
  • rounding it off
  • active editing

Authentic writing samples contain diagnostic information about students’ writing and spelling skills, and are a valuable tool for gathering data to inform future instruction. A selection of writing samples will be presented for analysis and discussion, and to make the most of this component, participants are encouraged to bring samples of student work for collaborative review and analysis. These will be examined to identify student needs in both writing and spelling.

You will receive:

  • workshop notes
  • a Literacy Solutions' classroom resource
  • tea/coffee on arrival, morning tea and lunch


$275 + GST
RSVP: Five (5) working days prior to workshop

Should you attend?

This full day writing workshop is tailored for P-3 classroom teachers and teachers' aides.