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Novice to Ninja – The Secrets to Teaching Reading

Six simple secrets are all you need to uncover the path to reading nirvana - where you can do less planning, fewer activities and marking, yet achieve amazing results.

There are six "little secrets" among literacy professionals… secrets that no classroom teacher learns on their own. These six "little secrets" are incredibly simple to master (once they are revealed)… and yet they INSTANTLY allow you to forge your own personal classroom "success story". Which means you will, in your very next term:

  • Dramatically improve the reading achievements of all children in your class... (in less time than you currently spend on literacy)
  • Create independent readers, allowing you to provide one on one or small group instruction without interruption...
  • Develop the reading stamina of children 10 fold, allowing more enjoyment of reading for students and greater classroom control...
  • Gain the same "Expert Control" the best literacy teachers have, to deliver the most purposeful and stress-free instruction
  • Triple the number of lessons you can deliver to your whole class... and...
  • Have your students make leaps and bounds in reading >while you're not directly engaged in teaching them.

Success in reading relies on your knowledge of the reading process as it relates to students' abilities to understand and apply strategic behaviours. Why not harness the practical advantages you haven't received from university, in-services and peer support?

Many classroom teachers are not equipped to deliver their best instruction. The expert "captures" every piece of useful data to inform her teaching and stores it, where she can retrieve it easily when she's teaching in the classroom.

Many teachers, however, have not been shown how to make best use of the insights they consider in planning, which does not allow them to be retrieved and addressed when they're in front of the class. Implementing instruction to address those insights in the classroom will be far more effective in meeting purposeful learning goals.

And... just like most things that are so simple they get completely overlooked... few understand how these secrets are successfully implemented in the classroom.

With these Six Little Secrets - Less is More

You can actually DO LESS WORK. Plan and deliver fewer activities, set fewer tasks, do less marking of work. You'll have time to do more quality teaching, provide students with more reading time, all while achieving astonishing results.

At Literacy Solutions we have examined reading strategically from a theoretical and a practical perspective for years, achieving some truly remarkable results along the way....

We reveal the secrets most experts don't, with a strong focus on practical implementation. You will learn that every teaching activity should be linked to specific teaching goals. No more winging it! You will finally understand how every action you take in the classroom links to real outcomes.

These six "little secrets" of the experts will change your teaching forever...

Course outline

This workshop provides background information and practical strategies to support students to:

  • improve oral communication skills
  • develop higher levels of thinking and extend the literacy conversation in reading
  • develop higher order knowledge of skills across the continuum of literacy learning
  • teach for content literacy
  • use work stations to support independence
  • develop greater control over their learning.

What will you learn?

By the end of the day you will be able to:

  • build on your existing knowledge of literacy acquisition and learning
  • gather additional strategies to implement into your daily program
  • increase your knowledge of how to better support students to assume greater control over their own learning
  • coordinate reading activities like a pro.

You will receive:

  • workshop notes
  • a Literacy Solutions' classroom resource
  • tea/coffee on arrival, morning tea and lunch


$285 + GST
RSVP: Five (5) working days prior to workshop

Should you attend?

This workshop has been specifically developed to assist teachers seeking more effective strategies to drive their literacy programs to deliver better reading outcomes. Find out how easy it is to move young readers along much quicker than their current progress, AND discover the secrets that show how you can achieve this regardless of your level of experience.