Meaningful Apps for Teaching Literacy: Years P-2

Learn to distinguish high yield apps from gimmicks.


Meaningful Apps for Teaching Literacy supports classroom teachers to identify high yield apps which promote practise and overlearning of reading and writing subskills.

With an ever-increasing number of apps, programs and products aimed at supporting literacy learning, it can be difficult to determine which are more likely to result in the desired outcomes and which are less effective, or simply gimmicky.

This 90 minute workshop will address:

  • the place of apps and technology in literacy-rich classrooms
  • how to determine valuable apps from busy work and gimmicks
  • differentiated learning using apps
  • the Pros and Cons of 6 useful apps
  • other popular, or commonly used apps
  • how to ensure technology value-adds to learning

Please note: The focus of this workshop is to empower teachers to make good judgements to assist them to distinguish higher yield apps from gimmicks or fads.

You will receive:

  • workshop notes
  • afternoon tea on arrival


$85 + GST (Limited places are available so please register early.)
RSVP: Five (5) working days prior to workshop

Should you attend?

This workshop is suitable for Teachers in years P to 2.

Where and when?

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