Developing High Performing Readers (Years 2-6)

Building capacity to promote reading growth


To extend capacity in reading, students must read and understand autonomously and expertly, an extensive range of complex texts that offer them new language, vocabulary, knowledge and ways of thinking. New knowledge, views and understanding ensures students are positioned differently than when they first began reading a text. In order to develop into expert readers, students need to understand texts that progressively increase in complexity.

This full day workshop explores the pedagogical approaches, skills and strategies required to build capacity in students who have the potential to become high performing readers and writers or for students who are currently high achieving. During this workshop, participants will take a practical approach to examine ways to develop more sophisticated reading skills for students in Years 2-6. Attendees will explore data to determine which students to target and what areas to focus upon.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a range of complex texts and examine the features that make a text more complex and sophisticated.

Content addressed in this workshop includes:

  • Text Complexity:
    • Identifying complex texts and how to work with them to engage and challenge students
    • Examining aspects of a complex text including multiple levels of meaning, purpose, language and grammar, sophisticated vocabulary, text structure and text cohesion
  • Top Level Structures:
    • Assisting students to organise information and comprehend texts
    • Exploring texts of greater complexity, in which authors may use over lapping or multiple structures
  • Quality Questioning:
    • Examining quality questioning including literal, inferential and evaluative as well as text dependent questions, to assist students to develop deeper understandings and hidden meanings in texts.
  • Critical Literacy:
    • Analysing and questioning texts to reveal the beliefs and values behind the surface meanings and to see how a reader can be influenced and affected
  • Higher Order Thinking (HOT):
    • Using the higher order thinking framework to lift students to more complex elements of HOT processes to create, collaborate, analyse and evaluate
  • Independent Learning Strategies:
    • Developing rich tasks through high yield strategies utilising cooperative and collaborative reading approaches
  • Links to Writing:
    • Examining how to apply reading strategies to writing

You will receive:

  • workshop notes
  • tea/coffee on arrival, morning tea and lunch
  • a Literacy Solutions' classroom resource


$275 + GST (Limited places are available so please register early.)
RSVP: Five (5) working days prior to workshop

Should you attend?

This workshop is suitable for Teachers of Years 2 to 6.

Where and when?

See our workshop calendar for locations, venues and dates. Please note that workshops not identified in your location can be booked directly and hosted at your school.