Beyond NAPLAN: Thinking Past the Quick Fix

How Can NAPLAN Practice Tests DAMAGE the Performance of Your Students and Your School's Reputation?

The answer may surprise you! What you can do about it will delight you! It's amazingly simple for you to adapt your strategic approach to NAPLAN test preparation and have your students achieve outstanding results... Plus you won't have to compromise ongoing, quality instruction, in order to prepare for NAPLAN.

Great controversy surrounds the NAPLAN tests, the test procedures, the way data is captured and analysed, the way information is reported, the public access to school data and the potential for stress on students, teachers and administrators. It is for many, an ethical dilemma.

Beyond NAPLAN: Thinking Past the Quick Fix, looks at the bigger picture. That is, quality instruction does not and should not resemble a NAPLAN test.

Supporting students to do well should not involve doing countless sample tests or years of past tests. Teachers know that quality teaching and learning is contrary to instruction of this nature. That is, teaching to a test.

However many face the dilemma of trying to support students to achieve their best, and finding that the easiest way is to use the readily accessible sample tests.

With access to the strategies presented in this new workshop you will:

  • be positioned to achieve outstanding student results in NAPLAN tests
  • receive instruction from Australia's leading literacy consultants
  • gain a deeper understanding how to translate NAPLAN tests into rich, rigorous teaching opportunities
  • understand the value of providing quality learning, embedded in authentic reading and writing contexts
  • more thoroughly appreciate learning to teach for transference and generalisation of skills and knowledge, that are so critical to students' success in literacy.

Attending this workshop is an opportunity to change teaching practice for the better in your school and make NAPLAN tests an opportunity for your school, to show how great results can be achieved through strategic instruction. AND... the threat to your school's reputation can then become an opportunity to stand out as an example of academic excellence.

The best part is, by adapting teaching to use our practical strategies, you won't need extra time in the curriculum! In fact much unnecessary time many teachers put into NAPLAN test preparation can be redirected into focused goal driven instruction. This has the added benefit of improving student learning due to increased interest and engagement over repetitive practice tests.

You may wonder how you can quickly adapt aspects of your classroom practice ... and... SUDDENLY have your students achieve outstanding results in NAPLAN tests.

It's incredibly simple. You will see improvements almost immediately

You see… good teachers know that quality teaching and learning is contrary to instruction through practice tests. What you may not know is what the best alternative is.

However by using alternative strategies your results could be DRAMATICALLY enhanced by fully understanding the ENORMOUS VALUE of literacy instruction... and how to target instruction with laser focus to maximise every opportunity in the classroom.

Success in literacy relies on the teachers' knowledge of the reading and writing process. Teachers who understand this, value every minute of teaching time in the classroom and realise there is little time for practice tests when REAL focused learning will achieve more, both for student growth and test results.

Accessing a genuine literacy expert, focused on driving success in your school has never been so accessible. Our expert presenters can show you in just one day, how to transform your instructional approach.

Expert Teachers Know Results are Driven by Explicit Instruction.

Many classroom teachers, are overwhelmed by pressures and the sheer volume of work to mange. Our strategies will show you how to achieve much more with less effort, in less time. And with less stress!

You will be equipped to deliver your best instruction and your school will benefit with improved NAPLAN results, more confident and capable students and a healthier reputation.

These goals really can be achieved. It's easier than you might think. The return on this investment continues, month after month, year after year. REAL change using REAL strategies that are easy to implement and so practical, that any competent teacher can turn poor results around.

The key resources are right there in your school. Just harness your untapped potential to make the difference to student outcomes in your classroom.

Year after year, our workshop participants walk away empowered and inspired to deliver instruction in a way that brings incredible results they never thought were achievable.

What's frustrating for teachers is that in spite of their dedication, many haven't been provided with the strategies behind highly effective literacy instruction… These strategies aren't obvious to many, but make perfect sense when explained by our experts! They're the ingredient that can literally transform a competent teacher into a highly respected leader in your school and the catalyst for strong improvement with NAPLAN.

High Quality Education for All Students

The issue of quality education, regardless of location, race or gender with consistent learning goals for all students is fundamental to education. We will address the issues of ongoing monitoring of both the quality of instruction and the learning goals targeted.

At Literacy Solutions we have examined literacy strategically from a theoretical and a practical perspective for years, achieving some truly remarkable results. We pride ourselves on developing a practical approach to teaching reading and writing in a way that gives results to classroom teachers using highly practical strategies that are elegant in their simplicity

We examine the teacher's role in identifying opportunities for skills, knowledge and understandings to be acquired across real teaching/learning contexts. You will explore ways to frame thinking, ask questions and guide interpretations to build higher levels of understanding..

Planned and deliberate instruction, with clear goals!

Your actions in the classroom will be DELIBERATE and link to instructional goals not only benefitting REAL learning, but will show in a positive light in tests such as NAPLAN.

You will see improvement
Literally Overnight!

We developed this workshop to address teaching practices we are seeing in schools, where NAPLAN has narrowed the focus on preparation for testing, rather than immersive learning. You can have both rich learning experiences and strong results in National testing but you must be strategic to ensure those goals are achieved across the curriculum...

We'll show you how to find an alternative strategy to wasting time on practice tests which will produce better NAPLAN results without compromising quality instruction and learning.

A profound change in teaching strategy is what's needed. It's not difficult but it's what is required to move your school through the challenges that National testing and public scrutiny are thrusting upon all schools.

If you want to take action to address the challenges that are upon your school, you need to make clear decisions about how you and your students can be better equipped to meet the focus that is on NAPLAN results. Whether you agree or not with the process of National testing in the current format or with public access to results, these issues do impact upon your school.

Our strategies are powerful but easy. They will be the first step in transforming the teaching of literacy in your school and in turn, the academic excellence achieved.

Attend the workshop… to learn what alternatives there are to deliver brighter, more literate children through uncompromised instructional practices. You will enjoy teaching and students will enjoy learning. All without the tedium of practice tests.

Should you attend?

This workshop is suitable for Teachers in years 2 to 6.