Intervention Strategies

Teaching reading to hard to teach or struggling students.


Intervention Strategies is a full-day webinar for support teachers, classroom teachers and school officers working with struggling readers. Whether supporting small groups or individuals, whether working in classrooms or withdrawing students, this webinar provides practical strategies and ideas to assist and accelerate learning. Although this webinar focuses on teaching reading, the facilitator will make links to writing throughout the day.

Topics to be addressed in this webinar include:

  • Introduction:
    • Language acquisition and hardwiring
    • An overview of challenges facing some readers
      • Dyslexia
      • Auditory processing difficulties
      • Poor working memory
  • Overview:
    • Modelled Reading
    • Guiding the reading
  • Focused teaching approaches:
    • Guided Reading
    • Structured Reading
    • Modified Reading Recovery: for groups of 2 or 3 students
  • Decoding words:
    • Strategies for remembering
    • Cognitive strategies
    • Importance of overlearning
  • Strategies for teaching fluency

Please note: this webinar includes content around specific learning difficulties, but is designed for broader groups and therefore does not focus on any one learning disability.

You will receive:

  • workshop notes

Should you attend?

This webinar is suitable for Teachers of years 2-6.


$185 + GST (Limited places are available so please register early.)


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