Guided Writing

Data driven teaching for small groups


Guided Writing is a small-group, differentiated writing approach. In Guided Writing teachers provide meaningful and purposeful writing instruction to small groups of students with a similar writing need. An integral part of the classroom writing program, Guided Writing enables teachers to match instruction to students’ needs and to coach rigorously for the content from writing lessons.

Important features of Guided Writing include:

  • flexible grouping
  • high levels of student engagement
  • use of students’ own drafts
  • transfer and generalisation of skills, strategies and knowledge to actual writing
  • data driven instruction
  • writing goals and descriptive feedback

In this 60 minute webinar teachers will explore Guided Writing and how to organise groups, identify what to teach and how to use students' drafts for explicit instruction.

You will receive:

  • Webinar notes


$39 + GST

Should you attend?

This webinar is suitable for Teachers in Years P to 6.

Where and when?

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