Engaging the Upper Two Bands in Literacy

Developing capacity in students to reach the Upper Two Bands.


This 90-minute webinar examines the approaches and pedagogies for assisting and developing capacity in students who have potential to reach the Upper Two Bands (U2B), or for students who are currently working in the U2B in reading and writing. Explore how to design quality assessment to collect accurate data to ascertain which students to target and what areas to focus upon.

Content addressed in this webinar includes;

  • Assessment and capturing data – using quality assessment and data collection methods to capture information about what students know and what they need to know when working in the U2B.
  • Text Complexity – Identifying complex texts and how to work with a complex text to engage and challenge students in the U2B.
  • Quality Questioning – Examining quality questioning, including text dependent questions, to assist students to develop deeper understandings and hidden meanings in texts.
  • Independent Learning – Developing rich tasks which promote higher order thinking and determine when to offer scaffolding, when to support students to problem solve and work independently.
  • Critical thinking – Scaffolding the learning process to promote critical thinking, before, during and after reading to promote deeper understandings.
  • Applications of the U2B strategy to writing - Examining how to apply the U2B strategy in writing.

You will receive:

  • Webinar notes


$59 + GST

Should you attend?

This workshop is suitable for Teachers in years 2 to 6.

Where and when?

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