New Webinar: Science of Reading: 24 August (after school)

Developing Capable Readers

Decoding and Comprehension


This webinar examines the reading skills and knowledge students require to succeed in the early and intermediate years. In the early years, young readers must develop the foundational skills required to decode texts and build and consolidate skills and strategies for comprehending. As independence develops, decoding and comprehension skills must continue to lift to meet the increasing demands of texts at various year levels and text types.

Teachers attending this professional learning will examine a range of text models and explore the specific challenges within the texts as these relate to students' ages and life experiences, word solving and comprehension. Each text model will provide a vehicle for analysing the specific:

  • decoding skills required to access the text
  • comprehension skills to gain deeper levels of the text

Participants will also learn how to:

  • craft focused learning intentions and success criteria for specific skills
  • include cooperative and collaborative strategies to support independence

You will receive:

  • workshop notes

Should you attend?

This webinar is offer for lower school (P-2) and upper school (3-6) teachers. Be sure to register for the appropriate webinar (Lower or Upper school) for you.


$99 + GST


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