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Top Level Structures Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Top Level Structures video presentation for me?

The Top Level Structures presentation is suited to Teachers of years 2-6 who wish to deepen their understanding of common structures used in reading and writing.

What will I learn?

Top-Level Structures (T.L.S.) are cognitive frameworks which help readers and writers sort and categorise information. They are frameworks for organising ideas to make them easier to understand and identify relationships between and across ideas or elements. This supports readers and writers to integrate and synthesise new or less familiar ideas with existing knowledge, understandings, and beliefs.

In reading and viewing, top-level structures help readers to make sense of an author's ideas. The ability to recognise and apply these structures when note-taking in reading has been shown to improve memory of facts and details, ability to track main ideas, deepen comprehension and note-take more effectively.

In writing, knowledge of the structures supports writers to make notes, categorise content, recognise content deficiencies, plan more effectively and create more coherent, cohesive texts.

In this two hour presentation, Teachers will learn it is important for students to recognise and recall the five most common top-level structures which occur predominantly across school-based texts:

  • Sequence
  • Cause and effect
  • Compare and contrast
  • List or description
  • Problem and solution

How can I view this video?

Upon registration you will receive an email containing your invoice and details about how to login to access the video. Resources related to the video will be available to download when logged in. All videos are streamed from our website and are not available to download. You will need to ensure your network is capable of streaming online video.

How long will I have to access to the video?

You have thirty (30) days access to the video after you register. Ensure you have allocated enough time to watch the video before your access expires.

Will watching this video give me a formal qualification?

After watching this video you will have access to download and print a certificate which confirms your completion of two hours of professional learning on this topic.