Shared Reading Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Shared Reading for me?

Shared reading provides opportunities for expert readers to explicitly teach strategies, strategic actions and reading skills to less experienced readers. Learners engage in lively, interesting and purposeful teacher-led interactions around texts, as specific learning goals are addressed, explained and applied in context. This teaching approach is used across all year levels, subject areas and text types to develop, enhance and extend students' reading skills and knowledge.

What will I learn?

Shared Reading Online will address:

  • the purpose of Shared reading
  • the place of Shared reading within a balanced reading program
  • roles and responsibilities of the teacher and students
  • identifying teaching/learning goals and selecting relevant texts
  • lesson components i.e. the introduction, the body and the conclusion

Shared Reading Online walks through each component of a Shared reading lesson and you are encouraged to apply the learning with your class as you go.

What do I need to view the course videos?

A broadband internet connection is recommended. Videos are embedded in our course site but hosted by Youtube, therefore you will need a browser that can play Youtube videos.

How long will I have to complete the course?

You can take your time completing the modules of the course as you will have three (3) months to work your way through the course.

Will completing this course give me a formal qualification?

At the completion of this course you will have access to download and print the course certificate which confirms your completion of 3 hours of course work.

I need help!

If you've struck a problem and need assistance to access the course material, just email our staff.

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