Springboard & Learn Abouts

Springboard is a whole school primary literacy program from Macmillan Publishers.


Springboard provides a broad selection of fiction and non-fiction titles for all stages of reading development. Up to level 30, reading recovery levels are assigned. For middle and upper year levels, reading ages are used to support teachers to match texts to student abilities.

Angela Ehmer has written the teacher support material for Levels 4, 5 & 6. She has also designed the Response Cards to accompany Levels 1 & 2. View samples of the teacher support material.

Learn Abouts

Learn Abouts is a new series of information texts aimed at supporting ESL and “at risk” readers. With a focus on real life topics, Learn Abouts provides informative reading and introduces early readers to features of information texts, such as glossary, label, map, diagram and photograph. Each level has eight titles, graded using the reading recovery leveling system. Levels 1 to 16 are currently available.

Angela has written the teacher support material for levels 9 to 16. View samples of these notes.